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Gwernllwyn Care Home is a registered dementia care home and as such we see the world through the eyes of those with dementia and enter the individual’s reality. Every person’s experience of dementia is different and so we work with you, your immediate family and health services to deliver the most appropriate, and high-quality dementia care possible.

The first floor is equipped with sensory lighting and specially adapted furniture to better meet the needs of individuals living with dementia.

We at Gwernllwyn are Dementia friends and all staff attend information sessions in order to enhance their understanding on how better to support people living with dementia.

These information sessions are also available to loved ones, family, friends and professionals. Regular training, including that of dementia care, is something we believe is crucial if we are to maintain the high standards we have set for our service users.

Based on your individual care plan, we provide activities that are aimed at stimulating your mind, maintaining your ability to interact with those around you and maximising your experience here at Gwernllwyn Care Home.

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